Services we provide
From long-term storage of products to fast-moving shipments, or just a sudden increase in inventory beyond your own capabilities; we can provide solutions that give you peace of mind. We have warehouses in all major cities in China, our safe and modern storage facilities have a complete inventory management system, enabling us to better fulfill orders.
  • Long-term storage, temporary increase in inventory;
  • Cargo transfer;
  • Shrink packaging, palletizing. Labeling;
  • Bonded transportation and warehousing, transportation guarantee;
  • Third-party logistics, China national distribution and other services.
Why it is user friendly
WMS warehouse management system
Paperless real-time warehouse management system. Optimized movement and throughput; customized processes adapt to our customers' scope of use; the platform has good scalability and flexibility.
Strategies for Effective Rotation
Our pick-and-distribute strategy reduces product aging by ensuring our customers' products are rotated efficiently, basically following: First In First Out (FIFO): First Expiry First Out (FEFO); First Make First Out (FMFO); and custom strategies.

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Tell us your transportation needs, and we will specify the right solution for you.

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